1Candidate is an HR Applicant Tracking System that helps the HR department or the recruitment agency in the entire recruitment lifecycle. The product is a full-featured web-based platform which simplifies the hiring process in order to spend less time on the process and more on getting the right candidates.

1Candidate is founded by a group of HR companies with more than 10 years of experience in the recruitment area. 1Candidate streamlines your recruitment process and manages the most important part – the potential candidates in a way in which you can find fast and easy the right one in your tracking system based on the requirement that you have.



  • Creates your own account with the profiles of all candidates

  • Search and import profiles of potential candidates from their public Profiles in Internet

  • Keeps track of the entire talent pool of potential candidates

  • Transfers the profiles of the candidates easily from one private account to another just upon request.

  • Matches your job opening requirements with the candidates in your database;

  • Collects and updates the profiles of the candidates, their testing results, notes and official information;

  • Allows integration with Google apps for the business;

  • Schedules interview with the shortlisted candidates and reserves a meeting room; 


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